måndag 30 september 2013

Update :)

Hey guys!

Jag har inte uppdaterat bloggen senaste århundradet så jag tänkte bara göra en snabb summering av lite som hänt senaste tiden genom en bildbomb :) (Alla är tagna med mobilen utan surfbilderna på mig som James och hand kamera ska ha all kredd för! )
We had a perfect kiting day somewhere close to ocean grove a while ago (Me and places, haha) 
I'm designing a bio digester for India :)
And prototyping!
Happy James!
On the other side of the bay! Too little wind and too much fun! 
Last weekend we took down trees in Fairhaven to protect the house from bush fires! And then we made big big fires and ended the day with beer in front of the fire when the sun went down. :)
We also went surfing last weekend. I was insanely happy since I got to actually stand up on the board!
I'm building CAD model parts for our solar panel powered boat.  :)
There are big black cockatoos in the trees!! So cool!
Engineering students playing with breakfast..
The gingerbread men in st Kilda with cute outfits! haha

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